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About Us

     Grina dental Co.,Ltd. (Brand:GrinA+) is a manufacturing and trading company of orthodontic products in China.

      Grina has 5000 square meters of standard plant, using strict international quality management system,  and has passed ISO9001, ISO13485 and the European CE quality system certification. Now we are trying to pass the FDA. To be sure, the performance of our products is in line with international standards.

      Grina maintains close communication with customers and orthodontists to ensure that our products are always in line with market trends. We try our best to provide customers with high-quality but cost-effective orthodontic products. 


      Grina’s team members are mostly from China’s top-three foreign trade B2B platform. Each member has served hundreds of global buyers in sourcing from China. We know well about China’s industrial distribution,and all are rich in
foreign trade experience and have first-class service consciousness.

      In 7 years of operation, Grina builds strong relations with 52 small and medium-sized customers, mostly from the United States, Brazil, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc. , mainly professional distributors of dental products, dental clinics who are good at the factory direct buying. No matter the size of customers, we talk sincerely, let more profits, supply stablely,so as to achieve common growth.
Why Choose Us
​​​​​​​Quality service is our commitment to you. We strive to operate with the highest standards to exceed expectations of our customers.

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    Our company strictly carries out daily production and management in accordance with the ISO:9001 quality standard, and develops and produces a series of automatic equipment with excellent quality, stable performance and high efficiency.
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    With professional industry knowledge and rich practical experience, we provide complete wire harness processing solutions for enterprises. Our products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions.
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    Our company has established a professional technical service team, and the high-quality technicians can provide you with special technical guidance and after-sales service.
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    With superior engineering capabilities, project management experience, and production site management experience, we have stable global supply capabilities. We are working to strengthen our global supply chain, and to continue providing cutting-edge machines without interruption.



Grina dental is a manufacturing and trading company of orthodontic products in China. 
Grina has 5000 square meters of standard plant, using strict international...



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