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GrinA+ Adjustable Orthodontic Cheek Retractor (Adult/Child)
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GrinA+ Adjustable Orthodontic Cheek Retractor (Adult/Child)

* Several color for choice
* Adjustable
* 2 editions,suitable for adult or child
  • GrinA+

GrinA+ Adjustable Orthodontic Cheek Retractor (Adult/Child)


Product Color
Child Cheek Retractor Pink / Blue
Adult Cheek Retractor White

Product Part List
Child Cheek Retractor Child Cheek Retractor
Child Torgue Guard+Saliva Suction
Adult Cheek Retractor Adult Cheek Retractor
Adult Torgue Guard+Saliva Suction

Assembly Instruction:

Step 1: Fix the connectors into the plastic stick

Cheek Retractor -1

step2: Install the "c" devices into the keyhole

Cheek Retractor -2

step3: Torgue guard(optional)

Connect the bilateral tubing to barbed tube fittings at the top of shielded intake holes, and screwit into place.

Cheek Retractor -3

Insertion Instructions

1、Bend the cheek retractor/flexible connector assembly and insert it into the patient’s mouth. Ask the patient to open his mouth as big as possible.

2、Position the tongue guard over the tongue,placing each connection arm “T” side into the cheek retractor channels.

3、Instruct the patient to place his/her tongue into the tongue guard and relax the tongue. Once the patient is relaxed, the tongue will settle into the floor of the mouth.

4、The connection arm “T” slides can now be pushed back into the cheek retractor channels by moving the “T” slides back until the suction tubes are behind the last tooth.

5、Position tubes loosely behind retaining posts. If pulled too tightly, the tube will force the tongue against the mandible causing patient uncomfortable.

6、Place the suction tube around the tube retaining “C” holders on the outside of the flexible connector.

7、Connect the suction tubes to the “Y”-connector and attach to saliva suction.

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