Orthofile - Interproximal Reduction System

New and improved interproximal stripping treatment
The Orthofile system is a thin stainless steel flexible interproximal file, which facilitates the contouring of enamel and will reduce many types of dental materials. It enables the often necessary reduction of the interproximal tooth structure, correcting inadequate space, caused by an insufficient arch length. Interproximal re-contouring is easily achieved in a minimum time with a more natural finish.

A safer, faster, more precise and reliable solution
Compared to the other manual systems or with discs, the Orthofile files combined with the handpiece (EVA system), are a more efficient, faster and practical instrument. In fact this system allows more freedom of movement during the treatment. Thanks to the oscillating movement, a safe treatment is guaranteed to the patient.
Using Orthofile removal of excess tooth structure up to 14mm per dental arch is achievable and borderline extraction cases are avoided. Single sided files are perfect for situations where you want to reduce tooth structure on one side only without any damage or marking to the adjacent tooth. Suitable for cases where you may have a crown on an adjacent tooth which you want to keep intact.



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