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Orthodontic Care Kit
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Orthodontic Care Kit

* This kit contains the most needs an orthodontic patients may have
* Specially designed for orthodontic patients
* Pack contains:1 x Orthodontic care Kit ,Kit contains :1*Orthodontic toothbrush, 1*Travel toothbrush, 1*dental floss, 1*dental mouth mirror, 1 *orthodontic wax, 1*Interdental brush,1* Hourglass timer,1*dental floss threaders
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Orthodontic Care Kit

Kit includes:

1* Orthodontic toothbrush

1* Travel toothbrush

1* dental floss

1* dental mouth mirror

1 * orthodontic wax

1* Interdental brush

1* Hourglass timer

1* dental floss threaders

1 * Orthodontic care box

ortho kit

ortho kit-2

ortho -3

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